Let's Knit Away Pefectionism
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01 Jul Interview: Kristin Jones, Let’s knit away from Perfectionism:

Kristin_Jones_ Knits

This week’s video blog series, is with the lovely Kristin Jones from We All Knit.  Kristin and I, talked about how she uses knitting to balance out her perfectionism by being mindful. Kristin shared a lot of valuable insights about how perfectionism can prevent us from really taking action in our relationships and her journey of being an entrepreneur.

What I found most valuable, is that when we are  really conscious of our expectations of the people around us, we allow ourselves to see how perfectionism affects our relationships.  Being a perfectionist, can sometimes allow us to have really high expectations from the people around us, without really being conscious of how unrealistic this is. The key here is to have balance.

So the next, time you find yourself expecting some one to fall in the lines, of how you see them. Take a step back and realize what it is that you’re doing. This allows for us to foster the kind of balance that bests fits our life and the expectations we have for ourselves.

We also, talked about how important it is to show up and be authentic self.

She shared her journey with struggling with being her ‘true’ self.

It’s also really important that we are mindful, as this can be triggered by our need to be a superwoman and we find ourselves working on so many things all at once. I also talked to about how important it is not, to multi-task. It actually prevents you from actually getting quality work completed.

Connect with Kristin:

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/kristincreates1

Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/kristincreates


I’d love to hear what resonated with you in this interview! Go ahead and share in the comment section, what resonated with you the most.



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